The best stories can only happen when you travel. Here is another proof for it!


Singapore will always have a special place in Nerko’s heart, especially because of the people he met.


The first awesome story he had to report happened just minutes after he arrived at the airport in Singapore (This is, btw, the best airport in the world. Or do you know of any other airport with swimming pools, botanical gardens, a cinema, and the biggest indoor slide?).




Nerko was about to board the bus that takes you from the airport directly to the city center. But then the awkward moment: Nerko didn’t have change to pay the bus ticket to the driver.  He learned the hard way that the driver only accepts the correct amount of 2.7 Singapore dollars (around 1 EUR/USD) and he refused Nerko from boarding the bus.


Suddenly a stranger stepped in and paid for Nerko’s ticket. The strange turned out to be Ms. Angelina Wong, a nice lady from Singapore.


And this is where the story gets interesting.




Angelina sat with Nerko during the bus ride and and they started a conversation. The usual questions: Where was Nerko from and why was he in Singapore?


Singapore was his 5th country on his last year’s SE Asia trip, right after Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. He obviously had a lot to talk about (And trust me, my brother loves to talk a lot and he will start a conversation with just anyone. He is such a people person. No, I’m not being am overly subjective sister.)


Singapore Marina Bay
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Who could resist this face?


It could be that the lady found Nerko charming or she was just in an especially great mood. But in any event, what happened next was that the she invited Nerko for lunch with her grandchildren. Like right there, they went directly from the bus stop to a restaurant!


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Nerko with Angelina and her grandchildren



Nerko spent the afternoon with Angelina, her grandchildren and their nanny. They talked about Singapore, Angelina’s work in the office of the Prime minister of Singapore (!!!) and her family. Nerko used the chance to spread the word about Bosnia.


Singapore food
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Typical Singapore lunch


At the end of the day, she even insisted on buying Nerko a cake for takeaway so that he didn’t have to think about what to eat for the rest of the day since he only arrived in the city.


What an unforgettable introduction to Singapore!


More than any cool sights on our travels, these kind of special human interactions are what really makes a foreign place special, don’t you think?


Do you have a story of strangers that restored your faith in humanity? Let us know! These stories are IMPORTANT, don’t let them get forgotten. Comment below in the comment section OR EVEN BETTER, send us the story and pictures and we will be happy to share it with our readers!

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