We’re Nerko and Emina, and we’re happy you landed on our travel blog!


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 OUR TRIPS GET CRAZY: from being escorted by an ambulance in Bangkok to camping in the jungle in Indonesia.  And then, there are all the AMAZING STRANGERS we meet. Such as David, the Chinese gentlemen who spent an entire week showing Emina around Beijing, without even knowing her before the visit. Or Ms. Wang, the lady that Nerko met at the airport in Singapore, who took him for lunch with her grandchildren, just like that! The list goes on and on!


We will share with you our adventures and we will help you make your own awesome memories on the road. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: You think you have the next crazy travel story? Send it to us here and it will be our pleasure to share it with the world!

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We are Nerko and Emina, two siblings living in tiny little Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will show you why travel changed our lives and why it will change yours too! 

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